New Motor Installation

 Garage Door New Motor InstallationGarage Door New Motor Installation

Modern garage doors are operated with motors that automate opening and closing. These motors can be operated via a switch attached to the garage wall or by remote control.

You will never know how convenient and time-saving having a garage door motor is without trying them yourself. There is a reason as to why everyone of us prefers using a remote control to operate the television and this is the same reason why people use garage door motors.

Think collectively and count the time you will spend by walking to the garage door, manually opening it, driving out the car, getting out of the car, manually closing the garage door, and getting back in the car. A rushing person will average about a minute in doing all these. In 60 days, you have wasted an entire hour! Not to mention that a lot of people think that having a motor-operated garage door is just as important as having a garage is.

However, these motors can malfunction under certain circumstances. If the motor is suffering from internal malfunction, then these motors can be impossible to repair by yourself without the proper training. So have one of our technicians do it for you. Since our services are now available in your city, garage door motor installation is no longer a problem for the people living there.

The best way to repair an internally-damaged garage door motor yourself without the working knowledge about them is to replace the unit entirely. A garage door motor can be costly and purchasing a new one when you already have one that can be repaired is a bad financial decision.

We offer competitive prices to our customers. Garage door motor installation and repair can be discussed on the phone with our 24-7 customer assistance service. Speak to us and we will walk you through our services. Feel free to ask any questions and expect them to be answered by our professional staff. They are friendly and are ready to help you even with the smallest orders.

Our technicians are trained to repair or install all types and models of garage door motors, so look nowhere else. We guarantee that the installation will be well-executed and professionally handled. It is entire hassle-free for you.

Troubleshooting your garage door motor:

Before calling a technician, you may want to make a few inspections on your garage door motor to see if you can resolve the issues by yourself.

Make sure that there is electricity going into your garage door motor.

Sometimes, a faulty electrical outlet is the root of all problems. Test to see if other devices work from the outlet to ensure its functionality. Interestingly, some people just forget to plug-in the door motor.

Give it a few minutes and try the motor again.

For this step, unplug the motor for the duration and plug it again to see if it works now.

Check the battery of the remote and make sure it’s still producing power.

Also check if there are any damaged wirings one the machine.

If you notice a serious damage to the motor, call for professional assistance immediately.